Ft. Lauderdale – March 28, 2016

Today Cybraics announces its support for Open Network Insights (ONI).  An open source initiative driven by Intel and Cloudera, ONI is a community developed approach that leverages big data analytics to identify cyber security threats.  The project brings together several of the most innovative technology companies to disrupt the current cyber defense paradigm, providing organizations the blueprint and technologies required to deploy massively scalable data analytics platforms specifically to hunt cyber threats.

“Cyber security is both the most significant threat, and the most challenging technical problem, that organizations face today. The capital investment and resource requirements to solve the problem continue to grow, breaches continue to grow at an alarming rate, and everyone is wrestling with how to address the problem.  We are excited to bring our unsupervised learning, data-driven analytics-as-a-service approach into the ONI ecosystem, in partnership with Intel and Cloudera, to help organizations re-imagine their cyber defenses.  ONI provides a model for open innovation and collaboration that the IT and OT sectors desperately need,” said Marvin Wheeler, President of Cybraics.

“We are truly looking forward to Cybraics inclusion in the Open Network Insight (ONI) community. Their deep cybersecurity and Cloudera expertise will be invaluable as they help shape the future of ONI and the open data model. As the ONI community continues to mature, the value to community participants and their customers continues to grow exponentially.” Said Tom Reilly, CEO of Cloudera.

Support for ONI is a natural extension to the strategic partnership that Cybraics has with both Intel and Cloudera.  Cybraics will continue to evolve its analytics platform and drive innovative solutions in the cyber domain, leveraging several components of the ONI project, while also commit software to the project.

About Cybraics
Cybraics is a team of visionary advocates in threat intelligence, cyber security, and fraud prevention who is fully immersed within the world’s largest infrastructure providers, defense agencies, and commercial enterprises to develop ways to keep individuals, corporations, and critical infrastructure safe. Leveraging big data tools to fuse math, science and machine learning with advanced analytics and visualizations, they protect brand reputation, intellectual property, and proprietary data

Rob Kent
VP, Marketing