Alan Ross joins cybersecurity firm combating attacks on enterprise customers

Atlanta, GA ( June 1, 2017) – Cybraics, a security company specializing in defending enterprise corporations from cyberattacks, is pleased to announce its recent hire of Alan Ross, who joins the leadership team as Chief Technology Officer. In this role, Ross will deliver a strategy that articulates the technical vision and direction for Cybraics. He will also develop technical architecture in support of the company’s mission.


Among his duties, Ross will lead the implementation of Cybraics’ security analytics and artificial intelligence platform, nLighten, which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate the burdensome security alert review process. Previously serving as Intel’s Chief Cloud Security Architect, Ross offers over two decades of security expertise including leading security architecture and technology. He is particularly adept at applying big data analytics to cybersecurity efforts. While serving on the NTSAC (National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee) subcommittee, he helped draft a report to the President on Big Data Analytics.


“Cybercrime is the greatest threat facing our world today,” said Cybraics CEO Marvin Wheeler. “Our goal at Cybraics is to remove the edge attackers have over us, and constantly be prepared to thwart their attempts. Having exceptional security leaders like Alan Ross on our team is a major weapon in our arsenal against attacks on corporations around the world.”


Ross is CISSP and ISSAP certified and holds 24 U.S. patents related to security and manageability of systems and networks. He has worked with the Security of Defense, and heads of the NSA and CIA. Ross is also the founder of Apache Spot, a community-driven cybersecurity project that brings advanced analytics to all IT Telemetry data on an open, scalable platform. In his spare time, Ross works as the Security Architect in Residence for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


“I’ve always felt that we can use security as an enabler, and I think that the work we are doing at Cybraics around detective controls and automatically finding security threats will enable more people to safely enable new business capabilities,” said Ross.


About Cybraics

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