Cybraics’ Statement on Coronavirus

In these difficult times we are all trying to keep each other and our businesses safe. As COVID-19 continues to spread and more companies have adjusted to a work from home model, we wanted to remind you that Cybraics is here to support your cyber security needs.

We are keenly aware of the increased threat to corporate networks with remote workers accessing networks. We also understand the concern over how messaging about this virus is being used to spread malware. Our Cyber Threat Center (CTC) is being extra vigilant in monitoring our client’s environments in light of these new threats. As always, customers can contact the CTC with any questions or concerns through email or by phone at 877.219.2009.

In an effort to support and help protect companies through this time, Cybraics is offering extremely favorable terms to industries being directly impacted. Any healthcare related organization can use Cybraics’ advanced threat detection capabilities free for sixty days. We have also rolled out a new Office 365 package, which provides access to our full platform to detect any attacks on your Office 365 accounts. Companies can currently use Cybraics for Office 365 free for sixty days.

We thank you for your business and partnerships as we all navigate these unprecedented days.

About Cybraics

Cybraics has the most advanced AI-based threat detection available. The platform, nLighten, was developed out of a long-term award-winning government research program designed to support the war on terrorism. A true force multiplier, nLighten provides security teams in the small, medium, and large enterprises with increased situational awareness and the ability to identify unknown threats existing security tools just do not catch. With numerous customer success examples and demonstrated ROI in both commercial and government sectors, Cybraics is the proven platform to address security challenges. For more information about Cybraics, please visit or connect on LinkedInTwitter, and YouTube.

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