FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (May 4, 2020) – Cybraics today announced their advanced threat detection platform, nLighten, is now available on a month-to-month basis. This flexible term option offers the full award-winning cybersecurity platform with no long-term commitment and no obligation to move to an annual contract. nLighten is quick and easy to set up and starts finding threats immediately.

“We are offering our full platform on a month-to-month basis as a way to support companies during these unprecedented times. Many companies have recently been forced to make several quick changes to their environment. These changes can leave them vulnerable. We’ve also seen a significant increase in cyberattacks across all verticals. Our goal is to provide companies the best situational awareness available with flexible contract terms and fast set up,” said Nate Grinnell, VP Sales.

Cybraics uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect threats that legacy and rule or correlation-based systems cannot. nLighten provides concise, actionable cases, reduces alert noise and false positives, and significantly speeds mean time to detection. The entire platform is virtual and can be managed remotely.

To learn more, read about the month-to-month offer or request a demonstration of the platform.

About Cybraics

Cybraics has the most advanced AI-based threat detection available. The platform, nLighten, was developed out of a long-term award-winning government research program designed to support the war on terrorism. A true force multiplier, nLighten provides security teams in the small, medium, and large enterprises with increased situational awareness and the ability to identify unknown threats existing security tools just do not catch. With numerous customer success examples and demonstrated ROI in both commercial and government sectors, Cybraics is the proven platform to address security challenges. For more information about Cybraics, please visit or connect on LinkedInTwitter, and YouTube.

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